You Don’t Mess Around at the Gym

Many people at my gym seem more interested in socializing than focusing on their exercise session.    But not me.    I definitely have my take on the early 1970s song by Jim Croce, ‘You Don’t Mess Around with Jim,’ though my version ends with ‘at the gym.’

After warming up on the treadmill I start with a group of about a dozen weight machines – five for my legs, one for core and the rest for my upper body.   Instead of doing two sets at the same weight  level, I do a first set at about 85% and second set at 110% of my plan.  I go from machine to machine without rest and alternate from upper body to legs and so forth.   After I finish up on the machines, its time to hit the floor for a variety of exercises.

I use bands for some leg strengthening.   Then I grab a core ball for some core exercises.   Next I get out a floor mat and do some planking for my abdominal muscles and side muscles.   I’m not done yet as I get a big soft ball, lay on my back, put the ball between my ankles, bring it up half way to meet my outstretched arms, transfer it to my hands, bring all limbs down and then repeat until my muscles are screaming.  Then I do some various single leg balancing.    This leaves three more exercises.

I get into a back machine where I lower my upper body slowly, raise it slowly until I’m straight as an arrow, hold it and repeat.  This is followed by a dumbell exercise.  I grab two 25 pound dumbells, hoist them overhead, bring them down, do a squat and repeat.   Finally, I hold the dumbells at my side and do a running motion with my arms.

If I have any energy I sometimes do a little shootaround on the basketball court.   Either way, then I hit the sauna or steam room for ten minutes of passive sweating.   My next stop is the 48 degree cold plunge where I stand up to a few inches higher than my waist in the frigid water for five minutes.   This helps reduce inflammation and soreness.   It also makes me comfortably numb!

Well, that’s what I do.  I could be a bit more detailed in my description, but you get my point.   The next time you head to your local club for a workout remember that for a successful exercise session, ‘You Don’t Mess Around at the Gym.’


About garyscohen

Gary Cohen is an enthusiast for the sport of running including magazine/essay writing, blogging, interviews, coaching, public speaking, leading trail runs in Central Florida and announcing at track meets.
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