Cruise Tales – 2015 South and East Caribbean #11: Treadmill – Don’t Rock the Boat Baby

When sailing through the ocean there is a one hundred per cent chance that there will be waves. The only questions are: how high will they be and from which direction. When attempting to fall asleep the waves are often very noticeable. Often when seated during dinner it is obvious that the boat is moving slowly back and forth. And if you run on one of the ship’s treadmills in the fitness area, it will be very apparent from which direction the waves are coming.

Earlier in the cruise when I was running a few miles on the treadmill we were crossing over the waves. The treadmills faced the starboard side of the ship and I could feel my stride going toward the right side of the treadmill, the left side of the treadmill and so on. I was somewhat concerned that I could step off of the belt and stumble, so I hooked an emergency clip to the waist band of my shorts to stop the treadmill if I had a bobble. Luckily, it did not come into play.

The waves weren’t too high. They never exceeded five to seven feet on the cruise, and were more typically in the one to three foot range. Todd, whom I met at the Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em table told a much worse tale from a cruise he took one summer. His group was on a ship bound for Bermuda from New York City when a hurricane from the Caribbean turned northward and spawned huge waves. They delayed their stop in Bermuda and the ship’s captain steered the ship as far away as he could. Then they just sat in place, the captain face the ship’s bow into the waves and they bobbed up and down for hours on seventeen foot high waves. That would have been terrible.

But back to today where I was once again on the ship’s treadmill for a couple mile run. This time the ship was slightly rocking from side to side. I had the incline set on one per cent, but with each wave we rocked over the incline changed. I was probably alternating every five seconds between a three per cent uphill grade and a one per cent downhill grade. It definitely kept me on my toes!


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Gary Cohen is an enthusiast for the sport of running including magazine/essay writing, blogging, interviews, coaching, public speaking, leading trail runs in Central Florida and announcing at track meets.
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